Balenciaga tag in the bag

  1. I just bot my twiggy today :yahoo:

    Its strange, I notice the balenciaga tag in the bag is made of leather.
    The one in my city is a silver plate !!

    Is it diff for diff bags ??

    Or did Balenciaga just changed the tag ??

    I bot my city last year ..
  2. katyc, yes, different b-bag styles have different tags.
    your twiggy is supposed to have a leather tag.
    this varies even by year (for example, the 04 metallic bags had a metal plate while the 05 ones in the same style did not!)
  3. katyc, congrats on your bag. i wouldn't worry. all the twiggy styles have leather tags.
  4. :yes: and congrats on the new twiggy!!!