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  1. The other day a friend showed me her beautiful Tabac Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. Everything about it looked kosher, but there was a tabac leather swatch along with the care cards. Does Balenciaga supply those? I didn't say anything to my friend! The bag was gorgeous and a gift.
  2. As far as i know, i've never received any leather swatch attached or with the cards.
    So i'll think its fake. Sorry. :tdown:
  3. There must be some great fakes out there then, is all I can say....
  4. those fake-makers are so weird, they like to put their own "spin" on the bags.... tags on the exterior, longer handles on the Work, straps on Weekenders.... YOU CAN'T IMPROVE ON PERFECTION!!!!

    lol :roflmfao:
  5. Didn't see any tags, longer handles on the Tabac. In fact it's incredibly impressive. Who am I to disillusion a friend? Besides, bags are not rocket science. What's wrong with a 'mirror copy' if that's what the bag is?
  6. ^if she's happy then that's ok - but what if it's a fake and she paid heaps for something she thought was real?
  7. All my BBags have never come with a leather swatch – in fact, whenever I see an auction on eBay of BBags with a leather swatch, it would be fake. Sorry :sad:
  8. ^^ sorry.. but a leather tag definitely indicates that its a fake :nogood:. just my 2 cents, but a mirror copy is an infringement of copyright laws, therefore an insult to an artist's creativity... of course its up to u whether u want to tell ur friend or not, but that definitely doesn't justify a fake bag.
  9. ^^ fakes are illegal, that's what :tdown:
  10. The Purse Forum does not condone the purchase of fake bags, nor do we permit members to promote or publish pics or otherwise encourage the practice of non-designer label merchandise.

    Heather, please feel free to post pics of your friend's bag for authentication purposes if you wish.

    If you are intersted in the ramifications of purchasing illegally duplicated handbags, search tPF and you will find many interesting threads detailing the demages incurred.

    I am closing this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.