balenciaga super fans pls stop here and comment .


is balenciaga worth buying if fading after a year is true

  1. worth buying even it will fade away eventually...

  2. NO , if it fade ... before a year i will stop my collection

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  1. all pp who own a balenciaga claim that the bag will fade after 1 year?
    i wana to share with all the lover..

    u guys think is it worth to buy such an expansive bag that can last beautiful color for a year before it fade away ?

    is that true that bright color will always fade away faster then the darker color like truffle , black , plomb , grey or anthracite !!!

    PLS SHARE ALL YOUR EXPERIENCE i'm will be damn appreciate ...

    i owe a giant city anthracite , now am thinkin should i continue spent my money on b bag? well i love the design , it jus amazing ....

    my wishlist :
    balenciaga work & twiggy , black & violet & blue?
  2. all of my bags are from previous years, 03/04/05, and NONE of my bags have faded, not even my black bags!! i know that some of the lighter colors like lilac and rose have been known to fade and some, like ice blue, have yellowed for some people, but to say that all balenciaga bags fade over time IS WRONG!!

    keep your anthra GH city - i've seen pics and it's gorgeous. whoever is telling you that your bag is going to look bad in a year is just jealous and has no idea what they are talking about - get a new friend!!

    enjoy your bag - it will continue to give you joy and happiness for years if not decades to come!
  3. i have my black first for almost a year and it looks just as the first day
    it depends on how you use it, baby it or not
    also use protection on the bag too
    it totally worth every penny on bbag, at least it is all thick, beautiful leather.
    the light color bags might fade but i guarantee by the time you faded it, you will love it to death. and use it more more
    i personal think it much worth than LV canvas ;)
  4. I don't believe that I have read any comments at all about anthracite dye fading so why worry?

    If it did fade slightly, I suspect that would actually make the bag even more attractive.
  5. My 05 black first is in great condition, jet black.

    However, if even darker colors faded noticeably, I'd stop buying Bal. They're too expensive to become junk (black to green? :nogood:) after a year. I'd vote with my wallet!!
  6. Although I LOVE the lighter colors, I would never buy one... the yellowing and fading is a real turn off :yucky:
  7. I voted no. Crossing my fingers it does not happen to me.
  8. i dont buying color that will fade (light colors), but i still keep buying the other colors that i like and still love those that i owned (if faded). hope it makes sense.
    i love ur bag, dont worry too much, it is TDF color
  9. hard to say, haven't experienced the fading yet.
  10. i think i'm not bothered as much by fading as by yellowing.. so far no fading!
  11. I have 05 and 06 and none of them has faded yet.
  12. My bgum pink did but I think that was because I was stupid and left it lying in the sun in my room on a chair all day every day when I wasn't using it. My black city and rouge vif city did not and haven't faded.
  13. No fading on my Bbags either...
  14. I haven’t experienced fading… I think for the most depends on care. If you’re leaving it in the bright sun in certain parts of the world where the sun can be harsh… I don’t think there is anything bbag or otherwise that will not change in those conditions. The leather, colors and character that each bbag has is magical. If you love the style..I’d say it’s worth investing in another.
  15. I haven't seen any fading on my bags (05s and 06s) :shrugs: