Balenciaga suede

  1. Help I'm in love with this certain hobo bag with the Balenciaga logo on it. Ever since I saw that emblem, I got hooked.

    But I am SOOO worried about the the suede. Can anyone attest to it's durablity to justify my purchase?:girlsigh:

    Never mind, just be honest =)
  2. Durability in what sense, zashi? Bal suede is thick and silky and sturdy - but like all suede, you have to worry about keeping it clean. Darker colors are better in that respect...
  3. I find suede a lot harder to clean than regular leather, but that's in general, not referring to b-bags since I don't have a suede bag. However, I would also like to add that I love the look of the suede b-bags! :smile:
  4. Thanks everyone for replying. I also went to atelier naff sp? And she described the bag that I was looking for exactly and how it wasn't comfortable..etc...Hahaha..So back to square one on my search for the HG Balenciaga bag..
  5. Hee hee...oh well, the hunt is half the fun anyway!
  6. i've always thought of suede as too difficult to look after, because it might get worn patches in some spots etc... and plus if you're caught in a freak rain shower/storm... i think the bag would be kinda retarded after it... well thats what i reckon :shame:
  7. I have a plain caramel suede sac and it's definitely not a shoulder bag. It's a handbag. If you carry the sturdy (stiff) leather handle in your hand it makes even the most heavy load managable because the handle never squishes or pinches. It's really a great bag as long as you keep it in your hand. I tried putting it on my shoulder...but it's too hard and uncomfortable.
  8. ^ Rock, I don't know how tall you are, but I tried this bag as a handbag and it was just too long for me to carry by hand - I see exactly what you mean about the handle, but the bottom of the bag was just banging me about the ankles and I was not happy. Maybe I have extra long arms or short legs, but at 5'5" it was just not workin' for me. It's too bad, because it's such a spiffy design, I'm a little jealous that you have one (and can use it)... *pout*
  9. ^ LP, I guess a few inches makes all the difference. I always thought I was 5'4" (even my drivers license says so) but I just measured myself and I'm only 5'2" so a few inches up the leg makes this bag hang under my calf but well above my ankles. I'm sorry it doesn't work for you. I guess it's always best to try them on as it can vary from person to person.
  10. I was looking at a beige one on ebay that one of my fave sellers has listed, but I stopped buying suede years ago because it gets dirty and dull so fast no matter how careful I am and how often I brush it/ clean it. Give me leather anyday! It is a very nice bag though!