Balenciaga "Styles" (all the different Styles available)

  1. LOVE :love: :love: :love: this site; it's a wealth of knowledge:

    So, let's see ... I have the following:
    1. One mini coin purse (purple - had a brain 'fart' that day; I don't like the color purple!)
    2. Three mini purses (one white, one black, one rose)
    3. One Compagnon (LOVE it ... perfect for traveling; I have it in Black to match my original Voyage/Weekender bag)
    4. Two Planets (used to be called the 'Pod' ... LOVE these; great for putting foreign coin into.) I have one in White (matches the never-used White Voyage/Weekender) and the other in Black (matches the Black Voyage/Weekender). When in Europe, the American coin goes into the Planet ... when in the US, the foreign coin (or Train tokens) go into the Planet!
    5. 1 Clutch - the exact color (Pink) shown
    6. 1 Pochette - LOVE :love: the Pochette (also very good for traveling) ... have this in the Apple Green color!
    7. 1 Makeup in Black
    8. Two Shoulder Bags (great for evening - I always use these when traveling); one in Black, the other in the Moss color.
    9. MANY City bags!!!! (pictures in my section ... but MORE to come!)
    10. Two work bags (Lime Green Canvas/Black Leather, Caramel)
    11. Three Weekender/Voyage bags - White, Black and Seafoam
    Pheew ... and that's JUST my Balenciaga bags. Can you understand why my husband calls me the "Bag Hag"??!?!? :lol: :biggrin: :nuts:
  2. That's quite the collection, if you ever get around to it, would it be possible to get pictures of your B-pochette ? I'm interested in something like that, and I'm just trying to get the funds together. You're my B-bag hero ! ;)
  3. Well ... I'm going to be out-of-town until Monday, but I will try to get my camera going next weekend. I've been promising ... but I have so many bags, that it's a project in itself to get all of them photographed, cropped, etc.

    I've also sent a note to Vlad re: 'securing' the pictures. I want to be sure that the scammers can't sneak in and copy the pictures. If they can, then I'm going to watermark every last one!!!
  4. That would be awesome !

    It's really such a shame that there are dishonest people lurking around in this forum, I hate having to watermark photos too but I don't want people to 'liberate' my photos either and use them for something misleading. :sad:
  5. I posted pictures of my new Balenciaga Box in my bag showcase, page 3, bags on steel surface. If anyone is interested in seeing this often overlooked Balenciaga bag. :amuse: