balenciaga studded sandals sizing

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Hi girls, does anyone have these sandals?? and what is their sizing like?:smile:

I usually wear a size 40 in all my footwear(miu miu,pedro garcia, Hunter, Christian Louboutin ( except the patent one, i use 40.5 in those)).

However, last year I tried on these pair of Bal flats:

and I needed to go up to a size 41(the 41 fitted). I also tried on a pair of studded wedges very similar to these:

in a size 40 and they were definitely too small.

SO should I choose the 40,40.5 or the 41 for the studded gladiator sandals?

I really hope you can help me. TIA


May 17, 2015
sorry for bumping this old thread!

I need advice on Balenciaga Studded Sandals.

am usually Italy - 37.5

So do i go up a size ?
Advice please