Balenciaga Store

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  1. Has anyone here been to the Balenciaga store in NY??? I am curious to know. I realized last night that there are only two actual in NY and on in Paris.
  2. Yes, I have been there. I got my Origan City B bag there last New Years eve. It is in Chelsea, right in the middle of nowhere (although it's next door neighbor is Comme des Garcons). Because it's away from the shopping district, there is not a lot of foot traffic. When we went, only one other customer was there with us.
  3. I have been there too about a month ago and picked up my Cornflower City bag. It's a cool-looking place. Bags are displayed on stones/boulders as compared to shelving units. Really wild vibe! It's an artsy area. If you're ever in New York stop by and check it out!
  4. Can anyone tell me their thoughts on carrying the first bag? Is it really too small for everyday? I'm thinking of getting one. I currently carry the City bag and I love it. I have the Caramel from the pre-fall collection. It's a great size. But I was thinking of getting a first. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  5. i like big bags and carry a good bit of stuff, and i love my first. fits a checkbook-size wallet, a large sunglasses case, the biggest set of keys you've ever seen, my cell phone and a tin of mints just fine. it's very versatile.
  6. I'm a fan of big bags, just for the fact that i carry lots of stuff with me! :smile: If you carry a lot of stuff with you maybe look into a big one :smile:
  7. I'm glad to know that the first can fit this much. :nuts: That's usually what I have in my handbag too.