Balenciaga Store in NYC Sale

  1. Saw this on NY Magazine:

    You can easily spend a month's rent in the Balenciaga store, but for one week cut back on the financial bloodshed and save 40 percent at the sale.

    When: 12/1–12/7 (11–7).
    Where: 542 W. 22nd St., nr. Tenth Ave. (212-206-0872).
  2. Is this true? Wow! Ladies, take advantage of this and report back!
  3. I just called them today. They said none of the bags are on sale. Zero.. not sure what happened with the Magzine. Anyway, they didn't sound very happy with this question.
  4. No bags?! How disappointing... I was about to jump off my chair and head there... oh well... better luck next time...
  5. I totally knew as soon as I saw this subject line that there would be no bags on sale...happens every time!!
  6. i'm glad i didn't decide to go because there wouldn't have been anything:push: if i did, i would be :cursing: