Balenciaga stock update, some '05's!!!

  1. My Mom gave me this info, I think it is correct. Apparently they got some Days from other stores that didn't sell them. Here is the list she gave me:

    Ice Blue
    Cornflower Blue
    Olive '05
    Light Olive(sage green) spring '06 I think
    Forest green? whatever that is
    Caramels from spring and fall
  2. which store is this for? BalNY?

    forest green= sapin f/w 06
  3. Yes, BNY, sorry I didn't make that clear. My Mom got the olive darn it. I wanted that one. She also has a truffle being sent because she said that Daphne said this was one of the most beautiful truffles that she had ever seen, the color, leather, that it was really special so I can't wait to check those out.:yahoo: The blueberry looked really pretty too.