Balenciaga stock SELFRIDEGES LONDON as of 15th feb 08

  1. I went to selfridges today and from my memory they had:

    - lots of GSH and GGH coin purses in sky blue, electric blue, bubblegum, magenta
    - rh coin purses in ivory, beige and black
    - first in beige and black
    - lots of GGH days in ivory and magenta i think? and GSH in tomato?
    - there was a work in black and a few cities but I cant remember colours
    - lots of GGH flat clutches in black and bubblegum and i cant remember other colours

    their rh stock was VERY dissapointing!:heart:
  2. poo... i want an rh coin purse sooooo bad LOL

    Thanks for the info!!!
  3. Dang it, I'm definitly a RH girl. Thanks for the update though!
  4. How much is the coin purse in RH?
  5. ^about £150 i think?
  6. Oh dear - the first line made me excited but then I read down and my hopes dropped. I do prefer RH accessories.