Balenciaga Stock NM In Paramus NJ

  1. VT first
    Bubblegum first, messenger, pt, city, day all with great leather
    Magenta City
    Magenta SGH City LOVELY
    EB City (looks like FB but a little lighter. So nice in person)
    Black Shoulder
    White First, city
    Sahara work
    That's what I remember

    Call Jennifer she's amazing to work with
  2. Thanks for the report! Was the EB city RH?
  3. Yes all the EB was RH
  4. There is also going to be a Sky Blue First (it's on hold for me but I am going to call in a few minutes and pass because I just found the Ocean First I wanted more!)

    I was working with Antoinette. She's really nice but doesnt know the correct names of the colors (especially if you are trying to differentiate between sky, electric and ocean blue) so its difficult to know if she is explaining the correct bag to you.
  5. Sorry ladies the EB was Sky but IMO looks identical to FB but about 2 shades lighter
  6. I'm so glad to hear that! I was thinking that EB shouldn't be lighter than FB, it should be darker! Either way, thanks for the heads up!
  7. I can't believe they still have a plomb city. I wish....