Balenciaga still hot?

  1. i live in a ****ty town where it bags are rare and waitling lists are huge for it bags. i've been waiting for an off-white paddy for weeks and now i really want to move on to some other white bags. balenciaga bags were really popular in 2005 but do u see them shine in 2006?

    any other suggestions on white bags for this spring/summer? price range: $1300 - $1800 USD.

    by the way i'm from vancouver canada. just so u know how ****ty it is.:nuts:
  2. You will see on this forum Bbag are one of the hottest and most popular.
  3. I can't help with the white bag suggestions but I can totally relate to the lack of 'it' bags in Alberta! People here could not recognize a real B-bag if it hit them in the head. In fact, many here are carrying the $30 look-alikes from ALDO as if they were real! That being said, Vancouver has waaay better selection than where I am...although I can see how frustrating the wait for your Chloe must be.
  4. Got you beat, I'm in Castlegar, West Kootenays, BC.
    I have two Bbags and I think they are still hot. They keep reinventing themselves every seasons with the new colors.
  5. YES! Balenciaga is still very hot! Whever one is available at the NM where I live- its gone in an instant!
  6. I bought myself a Bbag for my birthday in March (it's a grey box), and I freakin' love it. All I can think about is getting another one in a bright fun color. It's absolutely the best bag I own. I still see them all the time on celebrities, so if that's what you're into then, yes, they're still hot.

    If you want it to uber trendy and at the moment go for a YSL Muse or Dior Gaucho, but I don't think either of them compare to Balenciaga. I love mine.
  7. I would love to live in your s****y town; it's beautiful!! :P
  8. Muchos b-bags at the NM in King of Prussia, PA (as of a few days ago). They had all the styles in black and navy (is this the same as ink?).
  9. I dont think vancouver is that ****ty....Holt has a prety wide variety of bags...and the SA there are more then willing to order any bag you want.....
  10. I love Vancouver...I used to live there and I miss it a lot =(. As for IT bags, you can always order them from like other branches of Holt Renfrew can't you? I know the SAs there are usually pretty nice and good about this stuff
  11. I would definitely say yes ;)
  12. thanks ladies for your 2 cents! first of vancouver is not that bad it's just frustrating when u have to wait for bags or have them ordered. when i went to new york last summer i didn't have to wait for any bags.

    i'm starting to keep an eye on white balenciaga classic and if i don't get a paddy i'm probably gonna go with a balenciaga. i would also love to get an ysl muse or a white guccissima
    but the gucci is a little over my budget.
  13. Hooray for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!! I was in Vancouver in January for the Coldplay concerts and went to that Hoyt Renfew place...I noticed there were no Chloe or Balenciaga but tons of everything else. Balenciaga is hot and I did a phone order to the New York store to purchase my Twiggy a few weeks ago.
  14. I would certainly hope so especially when I just spent 2 hrs posting pictures of celebrities with B-bags under the Balenciaga section. :wacko: :lol:
  15. i should think so ... when they are still so hard to get ...