Balenciaga SS 2008 any thoughts?

  1. Hi!!

    I'm so excited for Balenciaga SS 2008!!

    What do you guys think of these?

    I got these from I'm pretty sure this site isn't legit because you can't buy authentic balenciaga purses online (maybe eBay but be careful) plus its Japanese based red flags right there!!!! It may not be real but its fun to check out the styles.

    The first bbag is the first (small) and the rest are the giant city. The magenta giant city is all leather (comes in the city too) the rest are suede/leather.

    The measurements for the giant city are H24xW37xD14 (Whoa thats huge!)

    Do you guys like the two tone suede/leather combo? Would you carry this huge bag? or (if you're like me) would you stick to the regular city?
    small103208_c79xn_01.jpg small173084_c776y_2582_01.jpg small173084_c776y_4281_01.jpg small173084_c776y_7768_01.jpg small173084_d941n_5580_01.jpg
  2. Here are the SS 2008 wallets.
    small186194_c7765y_9078_01.jpg small186194_c775y_4277_01.jpg small186194_c775y_7771_01.jpg small186192_d940n_9000_01.jpg small186192_d940n_5530_01.jpg
  3. I see that Bluefly is also listed as a reputable online store. (Referencing another thread here about Bluefly's legitamacy).
  4. Legit or not, I love the Pink! Not too fond of the other color combos, though.
  5. same here.. these two-tones don't seem to work too well..
  6. just checked out the site... the giant city is under $1400? isn't it usually around 1800?
  7. I don't like the two-toned bags . . . I really like the new Magenta though! There are a lot of pics of this color on the Balenciaga forum.
  8. That's what I thought because some of the prices are lower than what you would buy here going to the store so I thought that was kind of strange.
  9. I agree the Magenta is a beautiful color!!
  10. diabro is legit for sure. I've purchased authentic balenciaga as many others over at the Bal subforum. Also, chloe lovers have also purchased chloes from them.
  11. Yep....the site is legit.

    But with Balenciaga, it's all in the leather and so it's best to "see" and touch before you buy. Magenta has a rep for being dry and veiny in '08.
  12. I'm not really feeling the two tones. They seem too harsh on the eyes.
  13. I saw the magenta today in person and i am in love!
    the girl thought she was very informative and told ne that they named the colour "bubble gum" when i thought that term was already used for an earlier colour....
    i would love to get that wallet in magenta for sures!