Balenciaga Speed Trainers

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  1. I have been wanting these shoes forever my boyfriend talked me out of them the summer in LA and they haunted me and when I tried to go back and purchase them they became popular and was sold out everywhere I finally got them I was 7 and my toe hits the front but they feel loose and awkward on my feet can someone else who have them tell me how they are suppose to fit because I don’t want to get rid of them IMG_1511118383.546551.jpg
  2. i actually went up half a size in these because i was paranoid about the outline of my toes being seen through the shoe lol! they're a little long but i still find them to be super comfortable! maybe try them with thicker socks?
  3. Do they fit snug or loose like nothing’s there ?
  4. they're a good snug! my feet slide up to the front while walking but it doesn't feel awkward or anything
  5. I went a whole size up! They took a minute to grow on me but I love them now!