Balenciaga Sizing

  1. Hi Everyone. I absolutely love this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me out? I'm looking to purchase a Balenciaga Bag but since I live in Vancouver, BC CANADA and there isn't a boutique near here where i can look at one in person, I'll have to get one ship from Toronto or the US. Anyhoo, I'm wonder what sizes do the City and the Classique bags comes in and if anyone know about the dimensions of those two lines (the City and the Classique)????
  2. since you're in Canada - (i miss Canada :sad: ) anyway... once you've decided which size you want and what colour (o0o0o So many yummy colours to choose from)... you can order your b-bag from Balenicaga New York - they ship all over the world... well as far as i know... or you can order your bag through Aloha Rag - they ship for free... you can find the links to these 2 places in one of the above links that has been posted. good luck!!! ;) and welcome to the PF! :smile:
  3. Eastern,

    Barney's in Seattle carries Bal bags. Call there and ask for DANIEL and he'll help you. He said he'd even send polaroids if someone needs them. The phone number is 206-622-6300

    Good luck!
  4. Here's a pic of my Bbags. The pale rose one is called Purse. It is a shoulder bag. The next one, cornflower blue, is called City. It is a satchel but also has a shoulder strap. The last two, one in white and one in rouge, are called Twiggy. They too are satchels but have a shoulder strap. For more info and pics on styles and colors check out
  5. [​IMG]
  6. What are the dimensions of the twiggy and its normal retail price?

  7. you should check out this site. it has the dimensions of all the bags!
  8. Twiggers, the twiggy is 7" H x 15" W x 6.25" D and retails for $1,055.
  9. Wow.... thanks for all the info everyone. Ive been surfing this site and saw all the wonderful B-Bags that everyone has and I have to say, the B-bags are absolutely goreous!!!! I saw another post on SHIRISE's sale and is iching to buy a City Bag.... My very first Balenciaga!!! I called today to see how much they are on sale for but they are close on Sundays. Does anyone know what colors they have left in the City and how much its going for????