Balenciaga Singapore - 10% off for UOB cc holders

  1. It's from today until the 11th :yahoo:

    Noreen & Didi are the very nice SA's there.

    Happy Shopping, ladies.
  2. 10% all the time for Club 21 and PPS Club too.
  3. I am Club 21 member but does that apply to city bags too???
  4. Eeeks!!! Why noww???!!! When I've just bought one?

    Does anyone know what are the current retail prices at BalSG? Are they higher than normal US retail prices? I can't find the old thread which listed it..
  5. much higher... and very limited... 2300 for city. Better to get overseas unless got discount

  6. I look for Alvin:yes: You know if the city is under discounted items too?
  7. I wanna go down, but I'm :shame: cos I've been in there too often this past month.

    Plus, I'm guilty cos I'm planning to get a Bowling, but from Paris. :p
  8. uweehhh... i just came back there from lunch today? Dede didnt mention anything about the discount? Ekekekekeke... neither did Alvin...
    On all bags, SLGs?
    Thanks for the info :nuts:
  9. I just went there during lunchtime to check out the linen/leather city line they kept for me. Dede did not mention to me about the discount on the cities though.
  10. The 10% disc applies to ALL bags. I confirmed it Noreen.

    Btw, Roxanne, last time I went there, I was told that there's no more disc for PPS holders.
  11. Must have changed with the new year. Doesn't matter, I have Club 21 too.