Balenciaga signature logo?

  1. Does Balenciaga even have a logo per se? Or just the capitalized letter "logo"?

    I tried to find one to get you Balenciaga forum gals your own 'branded' logo (like chanel, gucci, LV, hermes, chloe), but I failed miserably. :search:
  2. mmm I thought it was a reversed 'B' and a 'B' right next to one another.. but I'm not for sure
  3. Vlad - Thank you for doing this! :flowers:

    Impasto - yes, you're correct. I stumbled across these:
    BalenciagaLogo.jpg BalLogo2.JPG
  4. Just wanted to add that I love the idea of adding a logo on the headers of the designer forums.
    Great idea!!
  5. That's funny, I've seen the logo a bunch of times, but I couldn't for the life of me think of what the logo looked like! Good to know!
  6. Yay for cate for finding pics!
  7. ^^ good job cate!!! :tender:
  8. sweeeet, thanks for the find! I'll get right on it.
  9. :wlae: 0o0o thanks so much!!! this is a dear balenciaga diary moment!!! :yahoo:
  10. oooh exciting!!!!!

    does Balenciaga still use that logo though????? I'm not sure if they dropped the BB -- I haven't seen it in years!!!! but either way, it'll look great :heart:
  11. thanks vlad... i've been wondering becuse you've been adding logo in other sub-forums like LV but haven't done on balenciaga :P

    thanks for your thoughts :smile:
  12. oh, can't wait for our new logo. :nuts: i thought balenciaga was being left out!
  13. That's what I was wondering.^^
  14. Hmmm...I don't know. :shrugs: I got the pics through the Google image search, and more than a few still had the 2 B's.

    Vlad - If they don't use it anymore, would it be a problem to crop out the BB in the pic?
  15. i like the vintage double bb! my dustbag for my flatbrass has them. i think LP has a pix of the bb vintage flatbrass dustbag on A-Naff. maybe we can use that pix for a logo?:supacool: