Balenciaga sighting yesterday... was it YOU?

  1. When: Today, Apr 15 8pm
    Where: Le Garage @ Sausalito, CA
    What: First - Some shade of light green, not sure, she was walking fast and i was trying to get out of the car :p
    Who: Asian girl with a guy
    Me: Asian girl w/ my BF, black twiggy

  2. When: Today, Apr 16 about 1:30pm EST
    Where: Boca Raton, Florida at a nail salon
    What: FBF!! First one I have seen IRL
    Who: Pretty blond girl with green eyes, olive knit top and jeans
    Me: Redhead with black stripe, white t-shirt, grey pants, Violet Day, I said "That's a really early Balenciaga!" - just like the dork that I am : )
  3. Friday April 17th, PRU-Boston right next to wagamama, Asian girl carrying a GSH Framboise bag in a style I hadn't seen before, looked like a purse with giant hardware.

    Me: Redhead wearing a black/white jacket and jeans carrying my GGH Coral day.
  4. When: April 19, 6pm-ish
    Where: Central Chidlom, Bangkok, Thailand
    What: A luscious Black Work!
    Who: To be honest, I was too busy checking out your bag to notice you -_-'
    Me: Walking with my mum with my '03 Black First PH
  5. This is a good one:
    When: today April 18, 3 pm-ish
    Where: Jeffrey NYC
    What: flat brass first!!!
    Who: Adriana Lima!!!
    Me: stalking first the bag, then I realized who she was!
  6. ^^ Shut up!! You saw Adriana Lima? Cool!
  7. ^^That's SO awesome! What a cool sighting! And a great bbag :p
  8. ^^ I know! I was trying to look at the bag, but I wanted to look at her, but I wanted to look at the bag.... too much!
  9. ^^ That's so cool. How did she look irl, the model, I mean?

    Just as gorg?
  10. When: April 18 around 1:30pm
    Where: Mission garage, across from Bloomingdale's SF...inside the same elevator
    What: Praline SGH city
    Who: see picture..sorta fuzzy, with my cell phone
    Me: Asian girl, black jacket, black courier...with the crowd of older asian of which had a sapphire twiggy


  11. RERE: she was beautiful. Jeans and a black t shirt, hair in a ponytail, no makeup (that I could see). She's just gorgeous.
  12. I love all the spy pics, Bal paparazzi! :nuts:
  13. When: Today, April 20th
    Where: Oxford Street near The Gap
    What: Black PT with GGH (it was beautiful!)
    Who: Slim lady with jeans, heals, grayish jacket and was on the phone.
  14. Sorry for the late post:

    When: Thursday, April 16th around 12:30PM
    Where: Hoboken, NJ on 3rd and Washington
    Who: Brunette taking pictures of buildings
    What: Black or Anthracite RH day

    I was waiting at the stoplight and noticed you crossed the street and you were taking pictures of the area.
  15. When: Today, April 20 at around 4:50pm
    Where: Calgary, Canada. Walking down 7th Ave. in front of the Bay.
    What: Black GGH City!
    Who: Long dark hair, black trench, floral top
    Me: On the 133 bus passing by, with an Anthracite Day