Balenciaga sighting yesterday... was it YOU?


What color ZOE's do you have?

  1. Black leather

  2. Brown leather

  3. Copper/Gold Metallic leather

  4. Silver Metallic leather

  5. Silver Patent leather

  6. Berry patent leather

  7. Rose patent leather

  8. Fawn/tan patent leather

  9. Signature any color

  10. Other

  11. Black leather

  12. Brown leather

  13. Copper/Gold Metallic leather

  14. Silver Metallic leather

  15. Silver Patent leather

  16. Berry patent leather

  17. Rose patent leather

  18. Fawn/tan patent leather

  19. Signature any color

  20. Other

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  1. I really should have taken notes...this is what they had in stock @ NM (Mall at Short Hills, NJ)

    1 black Weekender (the bag is HUGE :amazed: )
    1 denim Work with brown trim
    1 black Work
    1 clue Work
    1 olive :love: Day
    1 black Day
    1 white Day
    several Box bags (in white, black, and maybe a pewter)
  2. I wonder if this B-bag is an East Coast/West Coast thing or something. I have yet to see someone carry this bag in rl other than myself out here in San Diego. Believe me, I am extremely thankful for it!!! I hope it stays that way for a while! :love: :love: :love:
  3. esiders-I am going to that mall this weekend......
    How was their other collections?worth a trip???
  4. I haven't seen anyone else carrying B-bags here in Orlando. I was carrying mine the other day while out shopping, and I was in Rampage the other day and they had the "inspired" ones on display. One of the associates came up to me and complimented me on my bag. I was :shame: I wondered if she thought I bought it there! :lol: :P
  5. Cristina - That is so funny!!! :lol: :lol: I wouldn't know what to say, especially since some SA's are so nice that you don't want to come across the wrong way. Did you say anything?
  6. She was very nice and sincere in the compliment, and I just said, "Thank you!" and smiled :nuts:
  7. The ones a mostly see here are inspired and it's very obvious. The style is predominant too on campus
  8. it's pretty prevalent in SF and NYC. kind of depends on the neighborhood though and which store you're in.
  9. It's not that common here in my town and I've spotted only very few people here in Switzerland. I saw one of the early Balenciaga First styles with the longer shoulder strap and silver hardware and it was gorgeous!
  10. Their other collections seemed to be well stocked. It's just that if you are looking for a hot bag or an unusual color, most likely they don't have it. What I noticed...

    B-BAGS: mainly colors black and white, with an olive or a metallic in a non-motocycle bag style
    CHLOE: tons of Bettys of various sizes and shapes; some Silverados (they had the doctor bag in Chocolate); 1 Paddy in brown (it was the one handle version...shopper maybe); of course no other paddys and no Edith
    MULBERRY: various styles and sizes...they never seem to run out of these bags.
    MARC JACOBS: lots of the new quilted style (The Stam???) in blue denim and that white denim material; I didn't see anything in that hot blue color.
    CHANEL: collection seemed really sparse. Normally Irina (the SA) has a variety of styles on display. This time she seemed to be displaying the same styles in different colors. She had a few of the Mademoiselle line in stock.

    And of course they have their LV boutique, MuiMui bags, Prada boutique...but I'm not into those bags, so I didn't pay attention to what was in stock. :shame:
  11. I think it's an LA/NYC thing. I live within 15 minutes of one of the premier fashion malls in the country (The Mall at Short Hills) and about 20 miles from NYC. That said...the people in the area tend to be very fashion forward because of the proximity to NYC. When I go to the mall, I see every hot bag you can think of: B-bags, Chanel, Hermes,'s a bag droolfest! :love:
  12. On my way to work, I usual spot one, sometimes 2 (like today) authentic b'bags--usually the city, but it varies--and about 6 fake b'bags. This is a one-hour walk in Manhattan. The real ones, I usually spot within a ten-minute radius of Barney's. The others can be anywhere.
  13. Hi everyone! Its so odd that I rarely see balenciagas bags in real life. I think I've only seen a black city on one woman, and I live in an area where there are 4 star malls and boutiques. Why is that? Is it cause we all here are collectors instead of users? Just curious... Thanks!
  14. Hmmm I've seen 3 people with b-bags so far this month. I'm not sure if that's little or a lot.
  15. I only see fakes.
    Saw one today and flaunted mine auth. back at her.
    I know it's petty as hell but I couldn't help it, :rolleyes: I'm being honest.
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