Balenciaga Sienna/Tabac versus Chloe Whiskey *pics*

  1. Hi all!

    I know a lot of TPF'ers have likened Sienna to Chloe's infamous Whiskey....well I have both so thought you might like to see just how similar they are. Sienna is just a shade or two darker but they are definately very close :yes:

  2. thanks for the comparo!!
  3. Thanks for the pixies, I was very curious to see the comparison.
  4. Perfect! This is great! I'm glad that Sienna is so close to whiskey (which, btw, was my favorite handbag color). This means that if I were to get another bbag I'd shoot for this color. Gorgeous!
  5. Thanks for the comparison pics! It reminds me of a brick red color.
  6. Thanks for the great comparison :smile: I'm having a really hard time resisting this color.
  7. Me too!! :tup: Two gorgeous bags!!:drool::drool:
  8. Gorgeous!!!! It's almost like rouille and mogano had a little one :smile:
  9. Thanks Balchlfen! I haven't seen sienna IRL yet so it's helpful to see it compared to whiskey. I wasn't that impressed with sienna at first but after seeing more pics of it I'm really starting to love it!
  10. Yummy yummy, great bags!
  11. Sienna is definitely starting to grow on me too..!

    Darn, more choices! :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks for the pics, I really like tabac
  13. [​IMG]
    Oh no, I am an addict. You should never put a bbag that looks like that in front of an addict! :drool: Makes me drool!!!! I love that color!!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    May I tempt you with more pics??:graucho:


    You can really see the rust in this side-by-side shot with 06 Truffle although the first pic is more accurate representation of the color.

  15. balchlfen: Great comparison pics!!!!!:tup:

    I love how similar the two colors Whisky is definitely my favorite color for leather products:tender: I think this comparison pic will contribute to further Sienna sale:yahoo:

    SIENNA ROCKS!!!!!!