Balenciaga Shrug Bag

  1. I'm looking for a Balenciaga Shrug bag! Anyone knows where else it is available?! :smile:
  2. Wow that one looks good!
  3. Im a little concerned about the auction for that shrug...

    I was in contact with the original seller of that bag as I was planning on buying it a while back... after it went to auction 3 times and didnt sell, she told me she wasnt putting it up again!

    The person now selling it is someone different, and in their feedback it hasnt shown that they purchased it from the original seller I was talking to - and those are definately her pics!

    Perhaps shes selling under a different account, I dont know...

    Just thought I would mention it!
  4. Thanks so much!

    Fashion-cult --> Hmm, I'll let you know what happens.
  5. There is also a magenta Shrug up on eBay now!:nuts:
  6. Yup, and it's from hgbags herself!!! :yes:
  7. so? sharlene, did u get yr shrug?
  8. Do you remember how much of that magenta Shrug? Thanks!
  9. Andy, the Magenta Shrug is gone! :wtf: I think that someone BIN'd can probably contact hgbags to find out if she's expecting any more of them. If my memory serves me right the Shrug was not new...
  10. The magenta shrug was from Erica's (HGbags) personal collection.
  11. There are 2 Shrugs now listed on eBay -- the Camel previously mentioned, and there's a White one now, too.
  12. I had the most awesome Ink Shrug a while back and I sold it on ebay...really regret that. It was one of my fave bags....