Balenciaga Shoulder Bought on Ebay - HELP!

  1. I just got the greatest shoulder bag from a seller on eBay and now I'm scared that it is a fake. The bag came from LVR and still has the tag attached. But the problem is the tag on the inside has the last digits as being the makeup bag - 213048 not 1669 for the shoulder. This is a 2005 Olive shoulder and purchased from Italy. Can anyone help? Have, dare I say it, been taken to the cleaners?!? I have many BBags and purchased all of them from BalNY or Alhoa Rag, except for one other one from a great seller on eBay, and I know that one is REAL. I have other shoulders and this bag is JUST like the rest of them, except for the stupid tag. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Sorry! Wasn't sure where to post as this is my first time!
    THANKS for the info!