Balenciaga Shoulder Bag/Clutch?

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  1. Are these beauties still in production? I don't see them on the Bal website, but any idea if they are carried in their stores (BalNY) or Saks? Thanks!!
  2. Hi Jira! Thanks for responding. I'm actually looking for the Shoulder (even though they do look exactly the same except with/without the strap!) TIA!
  3. There are actually some differences. If you do a search you'll find a thread detailing those. Shoulder has piping around edges, mu doesn't. Shoulder has inside zipped pocket and mirror, shoulder doesn't. To me the shoulder feels slightly larger too, just a bit, but not sure.

    It was still made in 08, not sure about 09.
  4. Thanks so much drati. I'll be on my merry way to do a search as you suggested. Can't wait until I can actually find/own one. :nuts:
  5. There are a couple on bonanzle currently (ruby and saphire). Corey at RDC has them too, every now and then.

    I have two and love them for going out.
  6. The Shoulder is sooo beatiful! I've got an 07 in Plomb and I love it. This is the perfect bag for going out, higly recomendable :smile: