Balenciaga shopping in PARIS - please help with my Bal itinerary!

  1. We're going to Paris in mid-October. Finally I'm looking forward to seeing lots of BBags in person! :tup:

    I looked up the stores carrying Balenciaga:

    • Balenciaga Paris Paris 33 (0) 1 47 20 21 11
    • Bon Marche Paris
    • Franck & Fils Paris
    • Galleries Lafayette Paris
    • Kabuki Paris
    • Kurt Geiger (printemps) Paris
    • L'eclaireur Paris 01 48 87 10 22
    • L'ECLAIREUR Paris
    • L'espionne Paris
    • Le bon marché Paris
    • Lobato Paris
    • Maria Luisa Paris
    • Printemps Paris (33).
    Which store(s) have the biggest selection? I'll possibly look for another Step and smaller accessories...

    I need some help to put together an itinerary for one shopping day. Where to start? Where to end? Where not to go? How do I get there (metro station, address)?

    Merci à l'avance! I think this might also be useful for other TPFers going to Paris. :heart:
  2. HI! I had one morning to bbag shop when we were stopping through paris after a summer road trip with my dear hubby. He is the best, as we were going through the area and even though it is sort of a nightmare to go through paris, he said we could stop the night there and go get a bag :yahoo:

    Anyway, I decided my best bet would be the Printemps and Galleries Lafayette right next to each each other on Avenue Hausmann (spelling??) The printemps had a HUGE selection... literally bags piled on top of eachother in the back room (i took a peek when she slipped in the back). I read here that the girls there were really nice, but this one was super annoyed with me that i wanted to see several different bags to pick the best leather (i like the less-veiny thicker leather... mmmmm!!!) Since they didn't have the part time in the color i wanted, i went to Galleries Lafayette to see their stock, but after asking two different people, they said they didn't have bal bags?? maybe they were just all sold out? Anyway, i ended up with a plomb city from Printemps, and i did get to pick from several she pulled and she was nice in the end. I would say definitely go to the bal store if you have time... but if not printemps has loads of stock!

    have a great time!!!!!
  3. I'd love to see the Bal mothership store in Paris, I've ordered from them over the phone but never seen it IRL. I've heard it is better to go in the morning though if you want them to pull out bags for you as they are pretty busy in the afternoon! Good luck and have a nice trip.
  4. Great thread! thanks everyone! I am also going to Paris soon!! can't wait! ;p
  5. :heart: this thread (and paris!!)

    I'm actually going back this December and was wondering if anyone knows how to get to Bal Paris on the metro/which stop is it/which famous places it's near?
  6. Thank you ladies!

    I would like to set up a "game plan" to cover the best Bal spots.

    e.g. Start with Blvd. Haussmann and Printemps/Lafayette, go on to... (I do want to go to Bon Marché at some point...). Who has the biggest selection? Less tourists? Thanks!
  7. No one? Okay, let me rephrase - which store do you prefer and why? Thank you!
  8. Hello:yes: ,

    To shop B-bags in Paris, IMO you'll have only 4 real options (other stores have a very very small selection, and Franck&Fils doesn't carry bbags, only shoes) :
    - Balenciaga Paris :
    Supposed to be largest selection of B-bags in the world !!!
    But also a lot of people are going there so they'll maybe out of stock....But you definetly have to go there !!!!
    Adress :10 Avenue Georges V/8th Arrondissement (Metro Alma Marceau).

    - Le Printemps : a department store on Boulevard Haussman/9th Arrondissment (Metro Havre Caumartin) : My favorite place to shop bbag !!
    => 2 Bal corners (independant so twice more luck to find your dream bag) !!!
    1rst floor at "Printemps du luxe" : great selection
    2nd floor clothes with bags.

    - Le Bon Marché a department store in 6th Arrondissment (Metro Sevres Babylone), you'll find a Bal Corner with clothes at 1rst floor.

    PS : note MY first floor is the 2nd floor in the US ;)
  9. Thank you fromparis! That is exactly the kind of info I was looking for :heart::love::yahoo:

    Do you know whether Le Bon Marché also has BBags or "just" clothes?
    Btw I didn't quite get your U.S. "floor" remark though? (I'm from Switzerland)

    Merci beaucoup pour votre assistance! :smile:
  10. fromparis said it perfectly. those were the best places for bbags when i went to paris last march. to add to my delight i saw charlotte gainsbourg shopping in the bal store:yes:
  11. I called Bon Marche recently (about 2 wks ago) and they do not have B-bags, only clothing. Confirm also that Galleries lafayette does not have B-bags.
  12. Thank you! I didn't think that Galeries Lafayette wouldn't have bbags but Printemps and Bal Paris do so great!
  13. are prices in paris cheaper than u.s.? or ?
  14. I think they are, because they will deduct the tax for you. Plus you a big selection to choose from in person :yes:

  15. Yes they are BUT check the exchange rate first! I paid $200 more for my first, twiggy etc because of the rotten exchange rate. You basically with $1.40 buy 1 Euro, its very inconvenient right now. You do get VAT-back whether it is shipped to you or you buy in the shop. But the exchange rate eats up anything you would have saved. I paid $1200 for my First which costs $995 in the US, I didnt realize that the exchange rate was so horrid at the time, for the USD.

    Dont let this stop you, just keep it in mind if it is something you can find easily v. something you cant find anywhere else.