Balenciaga Shop info???

  1. Does anyone know if there are any Balenciaga outlets in the US???:s
  2. no outlets in us or anywhere i know cause i check
  3. Wow thats too bad I've heard of the designer outlet shops in Woodberry in up state NY. I wonder where the clothing and bags go from previous seasons??? :confused1:
  4. I know this isn't in the US but maybe it may help people in Canada.

    There's a huge outlet/shopping mall north of Toronto called Vaughan Mills, where there is a Holt Renfrew Last Call shop. I noticed them selling some Balenciaga bags there - although they're weren't popular ones, certainly not Motorcycle style whilt I was there. Maybe someone might get lucky there, though, if they were able to pop in on a regular basis?
  5. While there is no Balenciaga outlet in the US, some of the ladies here have reported a few bargains from NM Last Call and Saks Off Fifth. You can also find discounted bags on Bluefly, though I believe there was an issue about them carrying a few fake bags.