Balenciaga Shirt???

  1. Hi guys! Now, I understand this is the PURSE forum, but I'm at an absolute loss and hopefully someone can help out a bit. I'm sure we're all familiar with the "My girls rock Balenciaga and smoke mad marijuana" shirt, and my friend, for whatever reason, really wants one. Does anyone have any idea if and where they are available for purchase online? Thank you so much! :tup:
  2. Have I been hiding under a rock?? I've never heard of such shirt... :confused1:
  3. I've seen it once; it's not made by Balenciaga, is it?

    I think the shirt is quite deplorable; it makes Balenciaga sound cheap.
  4. I just googled it, its made my married to the mob. I agree I don't think I would wear this t shirt...

  5. My friend thinks it's cute, and so, I will pass the info along. I don't know, it's definitely not something I would wear. :confused1: But to each their own!:wlae: Thank you!
  6. I agree a little about this shirt looking cheap and I'm not into wearing logo's on the outside of accessories or clothing...But I LOVE what it says! That is one shirt I would just like to have in my know, just to do the gardening in!
  7. Why can't it just say, "My girls rock Balenciaga"...Who wants to smoke mad marijuana anyway? It stinks...
  8. I've seen it but I didn't like it. It just makes me think of Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie and how they are often spotted with B-bags and unsober.

    Not quite the image I want to be associated with.
  9. I think its funny! I would wear it around the house, its pretty cute and catchy if you ask me!
  10. :tup: agreed. I'd totally buy/wear it if it just stopped at Balenciaga...

    I'm 15, so it's not exactly appropriate for school... :nogood:
  11. ^^^ Hee hee. This made me laugh!
  12. HAHAHAH, I love that shirt!!
  13. My BF would love this shirt!!!
  14. That shirt is awesome. LOL.