Balenciaga - Shirise Sale - AGAIN!

  1. I just got an email from Shirise that their Balenciaga is on sale! I bought my City in Rouille through them and just really love the bag. So here's what they said was in stock:

    145695-La Pouchette in black satin

    140442-The Day-in leather-in dark brown, black, emerald and lilac

    115748-City in pony in black and olive. And in leather we have black and emerald.

    103208-The First in pony-olive. In leather black, green, purple and tan.

    147185-The Shrug we just received in leather in black, green, blue, orange, purple, brown, white and lilac.

    159671-The Courier in leather in beige.

    132110-The Work in leather in lilac.

    110481-The Make Up in leather in white and rust.

    Additionally the following bags only have numbers and not names:

    156428 in leather in black and purple.

    159695 in leather in brown.

    159703 in leather in black and emerald.

    Shirise is located in IL--they sell the real deal. The last time they had a sale, a bunch of PF'ers bought lots of bags! So if you missed out before, this is a good time...They're open from 9:30 to 5:30 pm. They're closed on Sundays. The email did NOT say how long this sale was going...

    Here's their number: 1-866-744-7473. Enjoy!

    UPDATE: It's 50% OFF, look at Chigirl's post: Her post also has the most updated info on what stock is available!
  2. I called cause I was thinking about getting the black city, but the SA said the black is not on sale just the colors are. Bummer!
  3. hmmm, theres a thread about there sale in the balenciaga forum and the said it was 50% off some of the bags :/
  4. I just edited my post after seeing that posting... My email said 20% off--I think they must have changed the sale...
  5. Yes, just spoke with Chris. They dropped it to 50% & most all the bags are gone already...:sad:
  6. By the time, I got there yesterday, all I saw were some shrugs, a couple day/hobos and a few other miscellaneous things.
  7. By the way, they have some BV and other smaller lines on sale too.
  8. gosh, the sales r killing me...