Balenciaga seigle sunday tote.

  1. Does it exist in sz large? also, did the sunday totes come w the rggh?
  2. It exists in a Large and Medium, but no rggh. Just RH if I'm not mistaken.
  3. I believe the Sunday tote only was produced for s/s 10 and main collection and only came in RH and GCHW.
  4. i got a sunday tote in s/s 11 vieux rose from's a great size!
  5. Ooooh - pictures please:party:
  6. yeah, wd love to see pictures~ :tender:
  7. Do you still have this? I would love to see a pic. I recently tried on the small tote and love it!!
  8. i do still have it and love it! i have it filed away in my soon as i find it and pull it out i'll take pics and post them:smile: it's a great size! just not such a great color for winter...
  9. Awesome, can't wait!