Balenciaga Scandal?

I think they're okay!
Some are actually growing on me, but they're not on my short list.
:hiding behind curtain

Maybe I need to see IRL.
Like Swanky said, they're okay. Had no idea they'd be such a big deal, to the point where some quote it a classic. I think it's too busy, but it's a fun, playful bag. If someone handed me one, I'd take it, but I wouldn't go out and buy one. There's plenty of other bags (Chanel :heart:) I'd save up for before splurging on a Balenciaga.
Selena said:
Ok I know this is going to cause an uproar....but am I the only one who does NOT like the Balenciaga bags?
::::: Ducking :::::::

I don't think you are the only one!!!:lol: I don't like them either!!!
Throwing tomatoes at Selena and SwankyMamaof3.....just kidding! Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I think the people who love Balenciaga just have to try harder, and bring you 2 to the other side ;) ;) .
I have two sitting on the floor; still in their brown shipping boxes - unopened; perhaps I should take photos and put them in this thread :biggrin: lol - no seriously though, to each their own - we can't all like the same thing or there would be bag shortages. :P