balenciaga sandwich and something exotic!!

  1. i've been meaning to do this for a while to document my collection (as per zac's request! :biggrin:) unfortunately, it's missing the 05 chocolate work and the 2 wallets, but it's pretty much all of my collection. and i actually stopped by the bal store today and found another lovely lizard clutch at 50% off!! :biggrin:

    thanks for letting me share!

    let's start off slow..

    with some mini-group shots and comparison photos..
    my 3 GH bags -- naturel GGH brief, plomb GSH flat clutch and LE magenta GSH city

    4 cities in a row -- violet, bubblegum/petal pink, magenta, 05 black


    3 firsts -- 02 fbf caramel, teal, rouge vif

    flat clutch compared to vert gazon pouchette

    07FW black day (left) compared to 05SS black city (right)
  2. now for some group photos!


    some handles.


    my exotic treat ;)

    also managed to snag a sweater for my upcoming holiday!

    and finally...

    as promised, a bal sandwich! ;D
  3. i love your GSH magenta looks gorgeous and wow...'07 leather is just as good as '05 it looks like.
  4. What gorgeous color choices!! And I really love your black clutch!! I hadn't ever really considered a clutch before, but it was seeing the photos that you posted when you first got the clutch that caused it to end up on my wishlist!!
  5. pluiee, your collection is quite simply, TDF. I love every single piece you have , and the bal sandwich at the end is just the icing on the cake. Just beautiful ! :nuts::coolpics:
  6. Beauitful collection, such a wide range of colors and styles!
  7. :wtf:oh my, I dream to have a collection like that:drool:
  8. I want a bite of that sanga!
  9. A black clutch like yours is on its way to me for Xmas, pluiee! Can't wait!
  10. what a colourful sandwich!! :drool:
  11. cool collection, pluiee! you got the exotic one in BalSG? :nuts: congrats!
  12. what a well thought-out collection! it has such balance.
    you have all the biggies (at least for me) ...
    fbf, those clutches, all the colors I covet, great varieties in leather, style and hardware
    you lucky girl!
  13. I'm in love with your collection, pluiee!

    Congrats on your exotic treat & thanks for sharing.
  14. wow what an amazing collection!!
  15. love them all! you have such a lovely collection!