Balenciaga & sandstorms in Iraq

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  1. As you can see, sometimes duststorms roll in through Iraq, making it hard to see and hard to breathe. Everything gets covered in dirt, and it's really gross. This particular duststorm lasted for 12ish days.

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  2. But once in awhile, something arrives that makes everything okay!!!! I wonder what it is that brightened up my day this time.
  3. Well, this time it was my first Balenciaga, sent to me from a dear friend who helped me out in a big way :biggrin:
  4. Does anybody want to see pictures?
  5. Yes-yes, what Bal has brightened up your day?
  6. I do!
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    Miss Amethyst twiggy! She is pre-loved, but that just makes her all the better :biggrin: You can see the good luck charm on the bag, that is my Hermes clover keyring from MissMargaux and irishlass1029, who is keeping care of my dog Twinkie while Jason and I are in Iraq....and is all around amazing! She is also the one who helped me by mailing my bag, etc :biggrin: She rocks!:yahoo: I consider her family.

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  8. It's gorgeous!! What a lovely way to brighten up those sandy days.
  9. And here is a modeling pic. Thought you guys would all get a kick out of seeing a bada** Bal motorcycle bag with an M-4 Carbine semi automatic rifle...LOL!!!!:P

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  10. look at that leather--gorgeous!
  11. Great bag! The clover is the perfect compliment to amythest!
    Be careful in those sandstorms!

    edit: Candance proves Balenciaga can be fabulous even when worn with BDUs!
  12. hey girlfriend!!! Bal and fatigues - perfect! :biggrin:
  13. WOW ... first of all ... a dust storm like that for 12 days?! Crazy!

    BUT ... I have to say I LOVE your reveal and your modeling shot! Congrats on your gorgeous bag and hope it brightens up your day. :smile:
  14. Wow, that bag could brighten up any day :sunshine: The leather looks so yummy. Many congrats, Candace! Love the action shot :biggrin:

  15. That is some gorgeous amethyst leather!! Congrats Candace! :biggrin: