Balenciaga Sales?

  1. Hello ladies!
    With all the sales that have been going on, do you think any of the spring colors will go on sale anywhere?

    I'm a complete newbie to Balenciaga bags (mostly a Chanel gal:biggrin: ) but would love to add some variety with color!

    Anyone hear anything from a "little birdie?":graucho:
  2. a few stores have had periodic sales, but the balenciagas go super fast, so if you're looking for a sale bag, watch this forum closely! members are always quick to report sales, and you have to be equally quick to contact the boutiques to get the bag you want.
  3. There are some on sale at Koh Samui in London as of last week.
  4. so sad this is even a topic. i remember the good old days when the leather and colors were so beautiful all the bags went to people on wait lists and never even hit the floors, let alone went on sale. *sigh* :cry:
  5. gosh, i don't think that's sad winnie-girl, what would be sad is if you had to rely on a wait-list to get 1 of these gorgeous bags :yes: