Balenciaga sales in Paris (Printemps, Av. George V)? Thinking of a day trip...

  1. I heard that Paris will start general sales on January 9 or 10 (les soldes)... will there be any sales at Balenciaga? In Printemps or the shop on Av. George V? Would it make sense to plan a one-day roundtrip (which would cost about 200 EUR) if I got a bag on sale or how much will they be marked down/if they are at all?

    Dear Parisiens, help!! ;) THANKS! :heart:
  2. Anyone?
  3. hi,

    from what i know the sale start January 9 and from my experience everything from designer brand gone fast ^^'

    as for bbag at Printemps they never sale a regular motocycle styles last 2 seasons they had Hook bag and pony hair bag on sale, last season thay had matelasse (with strap) on sale.

    i don't know about Av. George V ^-^

  4. ^Thank you!! I guess I'll pass then and save up for the turquoise '08 which apparently should arrive in March...