Balenciaga Sale

  1. Just say Barneys or NM or even Balenciaga NY? Or is this just wishful thinking?
  2. I remember reading somewhere that koh Samui had Balenciaga sales, but that's in London. Oh I wish they do special summer/winter sales!
  3. sometimes on bluefly, they have bags. but they go FAST!
  4. I know that Selfridges in London also has Balenciaga sales! I managed to get a cream/denim box bag and apple green coin purse, which was lucky!
  5. Yeah Harvey Nichols have Balenciaga on sale too...
  6. Yeah, it's interesting how the 'sales' seem to be overseas, not here in the States.

    However ... I have noticed that Barneys NY has a fair amount of "leftover" bags available (e.g., ones from the Pre-Spring, Spring and current seasons). I wonder if BNY will put then on sale later on? :graucho:
  7. So when do Harvey Nics and Selfridges do the sales?
  8. I'm going to London next year to continue my studies and I love Selfridges. Just wondering how much off were the Balenciaga bags and usually when are the sales?
  9. LOL - where are our sales??????? Please post if you hear of anything here, and I'll do the same. Are you in NY?
  10. I know that Selfridges has a general big Summer and Winter sale and Bbags have been on sale then. I think I managed to get about 35% off the original price but they may mark down the prices even more.

    Oops! Also forgot to check their website to find out when their BIG sale is..
  11. Well I signed up for their mailing lists. I'm going later in the year so any info is welcome.
  12. man, I wish we had the sales here too.. i wanna get more balenciaga bags....
  13. Where I live I'm lucky they even sell balenciaga at all. There's only one boutique that sells them and they said that balenciaga won't let them put them on sale.
  14. Well, in the past Neimans hasn't been able to keep B-bags in stock long enough for them to go on sale. When I was there last week, there were TONS of B-bags out on the I'm thinking that they will be on sale when Neimans starts making rom for the fall merchandise.
  15. does balenciaga EVER go on sale?

    how much did all of you guys pay for a balenciaga?