Balenciaga Sale??? Please Advise...

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  1. I have been on a major handbag binge...collected so many great bags I don't even have a chance to use them... So, I am thinking about selling a few b-bags but am soooo conflicted... Which 2-3 would you keep?

    Black city 05: I think I will keep this one as it is one of my go-to staples.
    Black day 05: I have only used this one once for travel...I have some travels coming up, but also have some new bags...
    Ink city 06: I am thinking about keeping as this one makes it into rotation quite frequently these days...
    Cornflower blue city 06: Never used...but will it make a great summer bag???
    Bordeaux city 05: Used 5-10 times in fall, have not used recently... (but love the color...)
    Rouge city 05: Used 4-5 times in fall, have not used recently... (but love the color)...
    Caramel city 05: Used once, but will make a great summer bag???

    My "other" bags include YSL L muse in black leather, YSL L muse in chocolate ostrich, Chloe chocolate Molly, Chloe chocolate Betty, and Chloe whiskey double zipper bottom Paddington...

    So you see my dilemma (and my "issue", when I love a bag/brand I buy multiples)... Keep all the b-bags or divest??? What would you do?
  2. Well, if you can keep all the Balenciagas I'd so keep them. If you really want to unload one or two of them I'd consider getting rid of the caramel city 05. Reason being, the other Balenciagas you have are in grrrrrrreat colors that you don't see in other brands. You have other bags in the brown family. If you had to unload a second bag I'd get rid of the black day 05. You'll have the black city 05 and it holds quite a bit. That's just my two cents. P.S. you do have quite a collection there!!!
  3. :love: personally, i'd keep them all :nuts: i just love balenciaga bags!!! maybe i would get rid of one of the black ones.... i do agree the CITY holds heaps already - maybe sell the black city as i see you've got an ink city... i dunno... im probably not the best person to have an answer!!!

    you're SO lucky to have such a giant collection of bags!!!! :amuse:
  4. Thanks Kat, Helen. Kat, when I read your post I thought "Yes!"...option (a) keep all...option (b) find a loving home for the caramel city and black day... And then I remembered, the black day is the only bag that I can wear with a huge coat and have no worries about weather, etc. And I so like the caramel city...

    I think the root of my "issue" is that I am a "user" not a "collector" of great bags and I find I am unable to rotate all that I like in these days...
  5. If you do get rid of the Caramel city.. pls post in the Marketplace.. I am def interested... :P
  6. Hi SoCal,

    You have such a *great* collection. Wowza! What a dilemma. Maybe you can think of all your bags as seasonal and then re-evaluate what to keep? i.e., your YSL and chocolate Chloe bags seem more like Fall/Winter, as do your rouge and bordeaux bags. I think the Cornflower can be used year round (I just got this bag and the SA at Balenciaga NY mentioned what a versatile color it is). Your black bags will also be classics. And, the day bag I really like because it's different from the City and the First. So, that leaves the ink and the caramel, but it seems like you like them both! So...maybe keep all of them, and just "store" the "fall" bags????
  7. Shopper...You are on the same wavelength as my husband...

    I asked him to please view my handbag fashion show... It was just so elegant as I had on my "relaxation" wear (t-shirt and wide-leg cropped knit pants).

    So he agreed that all the bags are great, but...the caramel city seemed to duplicate the Chloe and YSL brown-tone bags. And he thought the ink seemed to duplicate the black (with black being an absolute no-sell at this point). He said keep the cornflower because nothing is similar and it is a great color (he is also partial to cornflower and we purchased this one together in Zurich).

    So, cornflower and black city bags will remain part of the rotation!
  8. I think you should sell the bordeaux, of course, I only say that because I'm looking for that bag! :shame:
  9. Aww, I would keep them all! But if you want to keep only 2 or 3 I think you should keep the Inkccity, the Rouge City and the Bordeaux.
  10. I think you should sell the cornflower and sell it to me:smile:It's a difficult question: so sell the ink and caramel and keep the rest or keep them all.
  11. :smile:
    I'm hyperventillating into a brown bag here! OMG, what a collection! :amazed: I'm jealous!

    Anyhoo, I'd sell the black day and either the rouge or bordeaux. I'd like to talk you into selling the cornflower, purely for selfish reasons! I'd keep the black city (staple), the caramel city (spring/summer), definitely the ink (as you use it currently) and if you love the cornflower keep that too (I think it would be great for summer).
  12. If I had to pick top 3, I would say keep the Rouge, Ink and Bordeaux! The colors are beautiful in those!
  13. Leaning toward the black and the cornflower city bags now... Black as it was my first and cornflower as it is my husband's sentimental favorite.

    My "new" dilemma is related to the Chloe double zipper whiskey paddington. I have not used it yet, and really like it, but...I am trying to decide if it looks like a footlong hotdog... Replacement might include a python silverado or a camel Betty... I have leisure time today and am soooo confused...
  14. I would trade the double zipper for the Chloe python silverado for sure. That's totally different than any of the other bags you have. Congrats on such a heavenly bag collection! I'm *jealous* :weird: