Balenciaga Sale - NYC

  1. Label: Balenciaga
    Deal: The luxury fashion house has slashed prices on men's and women's clothing and accessories; expect up to 40% off
    When/Where: Thursday June 7th through Sunday June 17th. Mon—Sat 11am—7pm; Sun noon—5pm. 542 W 22nd St between Tenth and Eleventh Aves (212-206-0872).
  2. yowza!
  3. Does anyone know what accessories will be included in the sale?
  4. Just to save people time - I just called and the motorcycle bags are not included in the sale.

    She said that the whistle and "cuir" bags WILL be included in the sale.
  5. hey i know the whistle is their "boston" type of bag, but which is the cuir?

  6. thanks for the heads up!
  7. I asked her what the "cuir" bags were and she said "they are our most structured bags." I'm guessing that "cuir" is the type of leather ... so it must mean the ring bags and the "doctor" bag ... ??
  8. Wow this sounds good... I will have to check it out... :tup:
  9. Other posters have said that the structured bags are very heavy, uncomfortably so. But maybe that's because bbag moto lovers are spoiled by lightweight bags!
  10. Are motorcycle the same as city bags. Thanks.
  11. ^^^ :yes:

  12. Forgive the ignorance, but can someone tell me if Day Bags are considered motorcycle bags? If so, is it the design around the front zipper? The tassels? What aspect makes for a motorcycle bag? :confused1: TIA.
  13. yup, the day is considered a motorcycle bag. the tassles usually means it's under the motorcycle line. that being said, the matelasse has tassles too. so i would say it's the tassles and the studs.
  14. Thanks. I was about to be really bombed considering I just ordered one at regular price.
  15. Pluiee, Thank You! Should have guessed the studs would have something to do with "motorcycle." :graucho: