Balenciaga Sale in the UK

  1. Balenciaga go into their sale on the 28th june 2007, in Selfridges in The Trafford Centre.

    they have some fantastic styles going into the sale, including city bags and first bags. they are also able to do mail orders to people who do not live near the store.
  2. Many thanks for letting us know, lizling. I've used mail order from them and delivery is very speedy.
  3. ooh!! So maybe the selfridges in Bham will start then aswell?
  4. The Trafford Centre? is is the one in London or? how much discount they are up to? thxx!
  5. oh! thatz in manchester? is is on sale in london too? how to do mail order usually?
  6. I don't think Selfridges do mail order on the first day of the Sales. After that you just ring up the dept give your card details on the phone and they usually charge around £10 postage. The bal bags go around 30% off.
  7. Yes we will be doing mail orders on the first day of sale. Just give us a call. we charge £10 but delivery is usually very speedy. the majority of the bags are 50% off, the rest are £30. all sale purses are 50% off. i have never seen a better balenciaga sale, in all the years i have worked there.
  8. Oh it sounds SO good ;)
    Which colours is on sale?
    Do you know how much shipping to Denmark is?
  9. ooo!! that sounds how do i know which bag is on sale and the discount price in order to mail order? so i can just ring the manchester selfridges on 28th?
  10. hey lizling654 thanks again about the selfridges sale...!! you're even the b-bag manager, so amazing! its really tempting...however, i am not anywhere near manchester, london instead...wonder if i can still do mail order and how much delivery fee approx?

    i never do a mail order, how do i know which bag is on sale and which is not and the discount price? do i have to ring to ask for details? is there certain quantity of sale stock while last? sorry for popping too mani questions im juz too excited...x
  11. Lizling654 - thanks so much for telling us. Are there any days available?
    I'm excited because I'm going to visit a friend in Manchester in August so I could have it mailed to them and then pick it up....
    goody goody goody
  12. What about small accessories like the makeup etc? :graucho:
  13. :wondering :wondering mail orders to Australia wouldnt be possible would it?
  14. When I was at selfridges(london) on the 15th my husband asked if there was a sale or a sale in the future and they said that they didn't do sales!?! Where is that money tree when I need it?!?!
  15. Yeah, in Selfridges I was told that Balenciaga dont go on sale1