BALENCIAGA SALE - Cult Status - 20-50% OFF@!

  1. Hey all

    I just recieved a SALE post-card from Cult Status in Perth, Australia.

    They are clearing out a range of designer goods, including Balenciaga.

    Unfortunately they are not reducing all bags :push:

    They are emailing me the pics and prices of Bal stock that is reduced. These products can be ordered online too!

    International buyers are welcome (I sussed that out for all of the PF'ers ;) )

    Buyers in Australia can get a further 10% discount if they present or mention the discount postcard. The mail out wasnt international... so overseas buyers will not be able to claim the extra 10% :sad:

    If anyone wants the pics of stock and prices, please email me at

    When I get the email from Cult Status, I will send a group email to all those interested...

  2. Emailed you! Thanks for doing this! :nuts:
  3. No probs, just got your email then - you are on my list xoxox
  4. emailed you too!
  5. EMailed you =)
  6. No probs ladies

    I'm still waiting for the email - a SA is making one up for me

    So as soon as it arrives, I'll forward it!
  7. emailed you.. thank you!!
  8. Thanks!! :smile:
  9. Thank you!
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  12. I just emailed you too, thanks so much!
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