Balenciaga sale at Browns Fashion- London

  1. Just to let you know I didn't get the green Twiggy I was after:sad: , but managed to get a brown f/w 06 Twiggy:yes: in the sale for 375.00 British Pounds. Not sure what brown this is but it looks like a chocolate brown. I will see in a few days when it arrives.

    The store is Browns Fashion in London.

    They sent me a list of Balenciaga's in their sale, so thought I would pass it on if anyone is interested. They don't sell on line, but you could email customer care of phone them for more info.]
    Sent: 22 December 2006 16:00
    Subject: Balenciaga Bag Sale


    The styles that we have on sale are as follows:

    1. The First Bag (Motorcycle) in Brown, (£675 REDUCED TO £405)
    2. The Work bag in Green, Blue, Camel (£810 REDUCED TO £490)

    3. The Twiggy bag in Green, Brown, Blue (£675 REDUCED TO £375)
    4. The Purse Bag in Blue (£595 REDUCED TO £360)

    5. The Hook and Line in Blue, Red (£775 REDUCED TO £465)

    6. The Courier bag in Brown and Blue (£565 REDUCED TO £340)

    7. The Bowling bag in Grey (£675 REDUCED TO £405)
    8. The City bag in truffle brown (£735 REDUCED TO £445)
    9. The long Whistle Bag in Black, Brown, Red (£700 REDUCED TO £420)
    10. The smaller Whistle Bag in Brown, Black (£645 REDUCED TO £390)

    Hope this helps anyone looking for a bargain.
    Kind regards.
  2. Hey Siri!

    Will definitely be checking out Browns sale! Thanks for the info! I PM'd you BTW!;)
  3. which green and blue is this? sapin and bi?
  4. I would assume sapin and blueberry since they should be f/w 2006. You would have to double check with Browns...:yes:
  5. Selfridges also has some BBags up to 50% off. I managed to snag a blueberry toilet case (£100) and what I think is a calcaire mini purse (£105). They had some rouge vif toilet case bags left, quite a few shoulders in black, a camel work, camel/truffe mini purses, black quilted box bags, 2 small bowling bags in black/possibly ink?? It's worth calling Selfridges to see what they have left if your interested in finding something specific...
  6. wow-- what great sales! How come US never has bbags on sale?
    Great deals but I'm going be good and just save up for the 07 Vermillion!
  7. Called Selfridges, and they are completely out of the toilet bags, darn. The SA said they flew out the door. The only bags left that they have on sale are the weekenders.
  8. Aww, sorry spiralsnowman...I hope you find a toilet bag!:yes:
  9. Aw, thank you handbagaddict. I stayed up til 2 am to call, and at least the SA was really nice. She sounded really sorry that they ran out. If anyone ever sees this style on sale, please pm me, I would be très appreciative! :biggrin:
  10. I emailed them and asked for the items on sale. I just called them half hour ago and almost all are gone. I was trying to get the blue purse or brown city but sadly, both are gone. I'm on the waiting list for the brown first and blue courier and they will let me know if the person that called before me don't pay within 24 hours, its mine.

    *crossing fingers real hard for the first* :hysteric:
  11. i got the blue courier
  12. Congrats, haute! :smile: Did you get a good deal?
  13. wow!! thanks for the info!
    and congrats on the new twiggy, chocolate is a yummy colour :p
  14. I got the Brown City but the leather was so bad today when it came - very plasticy so it is going back.
  15. Congrats haute! Blueberry is gorgeous colour you will love it!:heart:

    Sam, sorry to hear about your city :sad: that's one of the annoying things about buying BBags unseen, sometimes the leather can be crap! Am sure you will find a substitute :yes: