Balenciaga Sahara City or Giant City?

  1. Hello, everyone, this is my first post and I am going to purchase my first Balenciaga bag. Now I am having trouble to decide which bag I want. City in Sahara, or Giant City in Sahara with gold hardware? Could someone provide the pictures of wearing them? Thanks. :heart:
  2. Oh, if I were to go purely by looks, it would definitely be the sahara with the GGH. It's so pretty and the leather on the GH bags are better than on the RH bags in general. But the GH might get a little heavy so if you're worried about the weight, stick with the RH. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. sahara is gorgeous! i tried one on the other day and it's a fabulous color
  4. The Sahara looks really nice with the GGH and I didn't find it heavy at all when I tried it on.
  5. Absolutely Sahara with GGH,is gorgeous!!!:tup:
  6. sahara is TDF with GGH
  7. with GGH is my vote.
  8. Normally I'd say RH, but sahara looks really pretty with GGH :yes:
  9. Giant City hands down!
  10. I would have to say GGH!!! Im totally in love with it, heres a pic from aloha rag :heart:
  11. giant hardware gets my vote!
  12. I vote Sahara with GGH too, I think it's a perfect combo. I do however like my bags in RH, coz of the weight(or lack of it). :smile:
  13. Just look wise I loooooove the Sahara city w/ Giant Gold hardware..
    This would be the ideal combination for a neutral bag~

    But have you held these bags? the Giant hadware ones are kind of heavy....
    So if you are lusting for the ultra light weight Bal bag... I'd go for the regular hardware.
  14. I vote for GGH too!