Balenciaga Saga!

beautiful stranger

The Original Angel
Nov 27, 2005
I was just in Harvey Nichols London staring at somebags ... the white city balenciaga has been on my want list for ages now! .. the pink was a near second .... but today!!!! aaaahhhh the lilac or lavender or whatever that purpley color is just stared at me!! i saw the first and the twiggy in lavender and i was almost in tears cuz i cant buy it just yet!!! :sad: they saleswoman said that they wont be getting any more bags thsi season and i was almost in tears! no city bag in lavender for me :sad: boohoo!! now it is all i can think of! the pink and white have faded!!!


Jan 8, 2006
0o0o, so close to getting one aye???? it will be alright ***hugs***
its okies, you WILL get a b-bag!, plus there are more colours are due out you might find your one within that lot! :smile:
And dont forget you can always ring Balenciaga in NY and order one! :smile: good luck.