Balenciaga "sac" on Styledrops?

  1. I just saw this little b-bag on styledrops, is it called the "sac" as they say? (se pics)
    I havent seen this one before, looks lika a small shoulderbag. Does anyone have it?
    bal011w-138226_t.jpg bal063s-138226_t.jpg
  2. It's pretty small - it's almost like a makeup bag with a handle. Think on the order of the LV Pouchette and you'll get an idea of the size - it might work to carry as a clutch inside a larger bag to pull out for evening.
  3. Now they sell bunch of b-bags there. Are they selling authentic bag?
  4. The style is called "The Shoulder" - I have one in rouge, and you're right, style101, it's a makeup with a strap. I lurve it. I don't know about styledrops - it's been the subject of much debate - but at least their photos look like real bags... Somebody give it a try and let us all know! ;)
  5. NO ... NO ... NO ... NO ... NO ... NO !!!! They DO NOT sell authentic goods ... STAY AWAY!
  6. It used to be called the "Moto" bag ... but now it's called the "Shoulder" Bag (I have two ... one in Black and another in Red ...
  7. CeeJay - are you absolutely sure styledrops is fake? I've heard of people ordering stuff other than Balenciaga and swearing it's authentic. They used to show pics of non-existent Bal bags, but now at least they show existing, current styles and colors.
  8. Are you sure cee jay? I almost order one from them... phew.....
  9. i just got my baby spy from styledrops. and it's real. their stuff may be overpriced sometimes, but they are good IMO.
  10. WHAT! I can't believe they sell fakes? But I heard that they sell really good imitations, who wants that when they can have the real thing?
  11. I am sooooo disapointed, there was a spy that I wanted on there too!
  12. muse, styledrops is good.
  13. Yeeessshhhh ... I don't know ... I just remember that StyleDrops got a thumbs-down from the Authentic Balenciaga Forum (as far as B-Bags were concerned).
  14. Huh, well... that's good to know, I think

    Its weird because I've heard they were good... and the reason why they said they were overpriced was because they sell bags for the average of UK and US prices (which in some cases is more than US prices)