Balenciaga s/s 2010 LIGHT OLIVE

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  1. hi gals...light olive is coming ,and it is so pretty , a spy picture for you ,please do not post it in other forums ....i am so thrilled about this colour,i can't wait to see it with rggh :graucho:

    here you go :P

  2. :graucho:
  3. Wow, that's a lot greener than I expected. Definitely will look stunning in RGGH!
  4. yes it is a light green ..similar to vert thyme 08 IMO
  5. Really nice! Thanks for the pic *F*! :>)
  6. it sure does look like a slighty yellow-er version of VT! it looks lovely. thanks for the pictures chloeglamour!
  7. Congrats! Very nice.
  8. It's definitely a beautiful color!!!!!
  9. Ah, it is BEAUTIFUL!! Very reminiscent of VT...which I have always admired! Thanks for the sneak peak CG!!
  10. Definitely reminds me of vert thyme too! Thanks for sharing CG!! :biggrin:
  11. Ooooo! It look scrumptious! :love:
  12. you are welcome ;) is just a pity that this colour won't come with GGH:shucks::BALENCIAGA YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE :nono::rtr:
  13. *F* i understand;) is lovely.
  14. I agree. I thought light olive had more yellow in it. I love it anyway, and I can't wait to get it from Erica.
  15. Wow, she is stunning! Will definitely on my list! Starting my saving and working on my husband! :greengrin: