Balenciaga s/s 07 rtw

  1. no bags in the show...

    pics from

    I loved the show! amazing..

  2. i think they have the link to spring sollection on the website now.
    no bags tho
  3. Wow - very Heavy Metal! The shoes look like Birkenstocks with a heel.
  4. I love the first pair of shoes!
  5. this is the most amazing collection ever..... it is so very "me" :love:
  6. Whoa, is that C3PO (from Star Wars)?
  7. Whoa. Very futuristic. Space-age fashion.

    Checked out the accessories. I love the bracelet... No white metals though.

    And this is my favorite! I'd love to own one. Reminds me of Transformers!

    Another version of the chain-link sandal. It looks... interesting.
  8. Chain link sandal :yucky:
  9. I think the chain link sandal is cool looking. I am probably not edgy enough to pull it off but on the right person it could look fab.

    Thanks for the pics.
  10. between the shoes and the armor leggings I'm LOVING!!!
  11. winona, we are two of a kind :love:
  12. too much bling bling :x
  13. I thought the gold stuff looked like C3PO too! :yes: :roflmfao:
  14. I :heart: the Sunglasses!!!!
  15. Can't say that I love the gold leggings, but the shoes I like!