Balenciaga Rouge Vif VIDEO!

  1. Okay because I am a bit of a weirdo, I actually took a video of my Rouge Vif city :cutesy:

    I was bored in the car and just decided to play around with my digicam, ok?!?! ;) Anyway, thought it was nice to show the bag "in motion" for those still contemplating whether or not to get this color. If you ladies like it I can take 'real life' videos of my other B bags too :smile:

    YouTube - Balenciaga rouge vif City 4
  2. i love seeing how it flops!!!!
  3. Funny!!!
  4. Nice to see a bag in motion. A little hard to catch the color but the leather looks great.I'm contemplating...
  5. OMG that is so funny (love it) ONLY we would understand - :smile:
  6. lol, you're tooooooooooooo funny Beverly-girl, that rouge VIF is a star!!! :yahoo:
  7. Haha! Someone will find this and watch it and be like "I dont't get it....Is that it?"
  8. You are too funny! That video made my morning--I'm still smiling. You will have to keep us posted on how many views it gets. I think we should push it into the top 10!
  9. :drool: Bbag porn:shame:

    Argh.. that made me even more excited waiting for my new and first Balenciaga
  10. Ha ha...that's so funny, I love it! Thanks for posting, Beverly, that made my morning!
  11. lol! love it!
  12. This is hilarious.....I wished it was longer! LOL!!!!
  13. Beverly - LOL!!! so cool! hehehe!!! 100% drool factor!
  14. That is so cute........and a great looking Bag by the way!!:smile:
  15. Love that! Great idea!