Balenciaga riding in class..

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  1. I took this picture, and didn't notice my first had snuck in the picture. I had a car to get to JFK, but they didn't have time to switch it out, so I had to ride in a limo. It's actually pretty awkward because people are always staring and trying to see in. Little do they know that I'm not the star, but my bag is!! :love: She's very subtle, and kind of shy, but totally a diva. Look at her!


  2. ooh, how cool! :tup:
  3. I couldn't see her!
  4. Haha... you have to stare in the left to see her. She's shy...
  5. sorry, i'm having trouble too. I see a dim outline of a handle I think.
  6. wow that's quite a limo! Like the "starry night" effect. And your lovely first looks right at home, if a little shy. ;)
  7. haha, that's it.. she's classy.
  8. She's trying to avoid the paparazzi
  9. You had to ride in a limo? :nuts:

    Lol, cute pic! I'm def. one of those people always trying to see who's inside...
  10. hahah sure looks the the bag is riding by itself in the limo. superstar status hahaha
  11. very cool pic!
  12. ......a true diva:roflmfao:. Great idea!
  13. Wow! Is that roof from the Starship Enterprise? Cool pix!
  14. Omigosh! Awesome pictures. This made me laugh out loud. Your BBag is a total rock star! Thanks for the fun thread! :upsidedown:
  15. She's very shy, but I can still see her!:roflmfao:
    Cool pics!