Balenciaga resort 2008 pink dress...

  1. as seen here on Jennifer Connelly.


    Does anyone know more about it available in stores already--which ones besides Balenciaga boutique in NYC may carry it--Barneys? NM, Saks?

    And how much is it...thanks!!!!
  2. i think it's adorable- so wearable! I haven't heard any info about it, but i'd love to know more, too.

    cali, did you get your amazing scarf yet?
  3. that's cute!
  4. Barneys may get it. I would call BalNY and Barneys to find out. They have look books with what they will be ordering.
    It's beautiful - get it!
  5. Very cute dress, and I agree very wearable. She sure has great legs!
  6. Really cute. Is there a bigger photo somewhere that shows more of the details & colors?

    She looks so different than she used to look when she was more voluptuous...but I guess she feels better at this size.
  7. thanks everyone for your input--will give balenciaga a call today if i get the chance!!!

    and yes...i did get the balenciaga scarf! its right here with me actually but a tad warm in my office to wear it...will post pics later =)
  8. I love this dress! It looks much more wearable that the other dresses from the spring collection.

    calisnoopy- I can't wait to see pics of your scarf!
  9. i tried looking for a more detailed shot but couldnt find anything =(

    Kim at Balenciaga NY said though that it has jewels down the front and is around 4000 USD...will be coming in soon =)
  10. thanks for the update on the dress, cali! I bet it's beautiful in person. and I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful scarf! how are the little charms? tangle free, I hope!
  11. That's a lovely dress! I liked the Resort collection so much better than the S/S this year... this is beautiful and looks so comfortable and wearable. If you get one please model it for us!