Balenciaga Report - Miss Louise, Melbourne, Australia

  1. Hey all

    Went into Miss Louise today, I tried to remember what they had in stock as much as possible, but I was in the city all day and had my fair share of vodka+raspberries... :smile:

    Of what I can remember, they had:

    * 2 Weekenders (one anthra, cant remember the other one) with GGH

    The price of the weekenders is about AUD$3200 which is astronomical and the SA offered me AUD$500 discount on it - but $2700 is still very pricey I think even for GGH?

    * RTT with GSH x 2

    * Blue hobo with GGH

    * Matelasse - all sizes in black, white, brown

    * First in blue and in violet with RH

    * Heaps of part-times in black and white with SGH

    Apparently they are getting the new colours in within the next 2 weeks (incl. EB & BG).

    The SA who does the ordering said that she will be getting all of the new colours with GSH because thats what her "clients want"... she was'nt too happy when I said I prefered the RH... but anyway :p

    And that's about all to report back (I wanted to sneak in some camera pics, but the store is TINY and I would have been caught out... lol)

  2. oh your so good looking into that!!! how big are the RTT's in relation to the weekenders? their dimensions seem pretty big but they are such a hot shape.

    that price for a weekender!!!!!!!:wtf: can't believe it sooooooooo expensive!
  3. Thanks FC, I am surprised Miss Louise have as much stock as they do! Last time I went in there, the SA didn't even know how to pronounce Balencaiga!

    Here's a great new store called Jean Brown in Brisbane:

    They have most Bbag styles in store at the moment. Prices are the same as Miss Louise & Cult Status. Ho-hum.
  4. The RTT's are simaliar size to the WE (maybe a bit shorter in length) but they are a decent size. I think there was a thread comparing the two of them from incoral?
  5. Yep - they had a fair few bags on display today... in the windows and in the store and they will be getting more within the next couple of weeks.

    The SA's there are a little un-educated. I've been told that the Twiggy isnt a style from Miss Louise in the past... so I'm not surprised.

    I heard a while ago about Jean Brown... I might be heading down to Sydney in Jan so I will have to check them out as well as Cosmo Shoes!

    Miss Louise is more expensive than CS... and I though CS prices were over-the-top... $3200 for a GGH WE and $2395 @ CS... (that may be RH though)

    I think we need to plan an overseas Bal buying trip :lol:
  6. gosh, the prices are ridiculous. wonder what's the blue in the First style. thanks anyways! (this thread should be in the shopping sub-forum ;) )
  7. Ooops, thanks for the tip glossie.

    I think the first was Ocean.
  8. Holy cow those prices are way over astronomical. $3200 for a weekender? For the SA to offer you a $500 discount either shows you're a VVIIP (very very important person), or that their markups are really high. I would really hesitate at purchasing a Bbag for that price. Not that I don't think Bbags are worth the money, but when I know that they can be had for half the price... I would take that $3200 and put the money towards a Chanel (my other love) LOL. Having said that I did spend over retail for a Violet First at CS because I couldn't find it anywhere else.
  9. jo_ee... I'm not VIP... lol

    IMO She offered me a discount new seasons colours are coming into their store in 2 weeks, and she wanted to make a quick sale.

    I worked it out last night - with the discount - they are still charging about AUD$1000 over retail.

    So basically if I buy from elsewhere, I could get two for the price of one! Haha
  10. That's a real ridiculous price... i started buying Bbags from the US this season and i got a first and a city for the price of a RH weekender at CS!!!!

    It really does make you think twice about buying locally although i love CS customer service..i feel bad abandoning them but then again as jo_ee (:winkiss:)said, they'll always be my backup for hard to find colours and combinations!
  11. I am all for supporing local business, but I really dont know how they can justify that kind of mark-up perhaps I can understand $100-$300, but not 1-2k!

    I would love nothing more to be able to walk into a local store, find a bal I liked and buy it on the spot, but the outrageous prices just make me cringe!

    CS is definately a good backup, and they are LOVELY to deal with (I've purchased a Twiggy and a Coin Purse from them) but yeah, the markup is just too high to bare - unless you are desperate!
  12. Hmm.. a bbag in hand might be worth two in the bush/overseas retailer, but 1k over retail?!!!!!!

    I feel bad about ditching CS this season too, but they are not bringing in the bags I want!
  13. LOL bush... Australia is so far away from everything!
  14. Yeah, the closet Bal store is Singapore, and the prices are a little higher too, but close to CS prices. CS is just so nice, every single purchase I've made from them was a very good experience, and they are very obliging too, with regards to sending more pics. They also give a VIP discount ;)
  15. Yeah CS are really really helpful and nice. Really quick to answer emails too.

    Oh ello VIP ey?... 10% discount?

    I recieved an email a while ago with a bunch of discounted Bals... none were full-leather moto though :sad:

    I got an email the other day saying that VIP members would need to spend over 5k in the year to remain on the list...

    So I dont think I will be on it for long hee hee - I'd prefer to shop online/overseas now anyway...