Balenciaga received with flaws, HELP

  1. I purchased a brand new balenciaga ivory City off of eBay from a mypouphette seller. I received the bag today, well the above the top stitching the glazing is coming undone and the interior there is a 1-1/2" hole in the seam.

    What can I do? I purchased the bag as Brand New! You can tell the bag has never been used, so I asumme seller received the bag this way. I am sure the Sale Associates don't tend to inspect the bags as well as they should before shipping out. Sellers policy is final sale. Can she return the bag to Barneys and ask them to fix or replace? It would cost me money to get the seam fixed and the glazing re-done in that one spot. So after that I could have purchased from the store where at least I could inspect it.

    I have contacted seller and she stated she did not notice the above and that she never used the bag, not even once. She thinks I should get let it be so it has a vintage vibe. Not really into that idea. I mean if the glazing is already coming off without even being used, imagine what will happen when if I actually started using it.

    What should I do? I really need advice.
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  2. In my opinion it should have been mentioned in the listing, it's quite noticeable. That's misrepresentation in my opinion. The seller must have got a pretty good discount on it and then made a pretty good profit by not disclosing the damage. I'd consider contacting eBay to ask what you might be able to do.
  3. I purchased off of eBay as I have bought many things from this seller in the past. I also paid via google check out. Seller and I have been e-mailing back and forth, she will not accept return. The most she will do is refund me $40. I am so annoyed.
  4. Oh sellers feedback is 862 at 99.3%.
  5. If I remember correctly google checkout is one of the payments that is not supposed to be used on ebay.

    If the OP payed with paypal I would file a snad, if you used a credit card and google maybe you could do a charge back.
  6. If it were me, I would expect any and all flaws to be noted in the auction. When you purchase something that states it is brand new and never been used, that is what you have a right to expect. I would insist on a full refund since the item you received is not as stated and as stated before, maybe try to do a charge back.
  7. I insisted on a refund in a few e-mails, seller will not budge. She states I received a good deal ($950) which I am not complaning about, but I purchased thinking the bag was new without flaws. I will try and see if google check out can help me.
  8. It would be a good deal on a mint condition bag. That's not a mint condition bag. Try contacting your credit card company, she's acknowledging there is a flaw even if she's not admitting she should have disclosed it so you have that in your favor. Otherwise, lesson learned about buying 'off-Ebay' without Paypal I hope...
  9. The flaw should have been listed regardless of wether it was a good deal or not. You may be able to report her for using google checkout as well, but try with your CC company. I hope it works out for you.
  10. whch seller is it? could you let us know.....
  11. File a chargeback with your credit card company immediately. I wouldn't take $40 off! No way! All she is doing is refunding what she saved on Paypal fees LOL
    File the SNAD with ebay too...even though you didn't pay with paypal, you can still do that!
    In fact, even though you agreed to Google I would report her for invalid payment methods.
  12. ^^ I agree with Twiggers... IMO you could definitely win any dispute. Good luck! :flowers:
  13. You should definitely file a chargeback with your credit card company if the seller will not you return the bag for a full refund or give you a bigger discount (to cover the cost of fixing the glazing). You can file the transaction claim as merchandise not as described.

    The seller should have disclosed this flaw as it is quite visible.
  14. She bought 'off-Ebay' so thats not an option...
  15. Update: Just received an e-mail from seller she will accept the bag back for full refund. YES. I will be mailing back fully insured with signature confirmation required, this afternoon. I will post when I receive actual refund.