Balenciaga Realization

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  1. I got home and was cleaning out a space for my new Extra Courier and ran across a bag that I have had for about 3 years. I got it in some airport shop in the Carribean when my luggage was stolen from the hotel lobby (long story).

    In any case, I forgot I had it but I was looking at it and I realized I had been using a fake Balenciaga bag as a duffle for a while. LOL!!

    I then realized that it looks pretty much exactly like this replica:

    Exactly color and shape -- its just funny to me because I didnt know ANYTHING about BBags until the last 6 months. Funny how I have always liked the shape and style and was drawn to it, even without knowing that I was carrying a fake.

    So now it begs to question -- do I get rid of the fake? I really like the bag in that it carries alot, has taken a beating and I don't have to worry about. Maybe I should make it my new gym bag but then I wonder if people will think I am carrying a fake simply b/c I wanted to carry a Balenciaga.


    Any feedback?
  2. Get rid of that yucky fake and get a great gym bag from Puma, Jack Spade or Gucci :yes:
  3. ^^^ I agree. That bag is an insult to your genuine one! Get rid of the fake and get something else that's real.
  4. I also don't like fakes but you bought it unknowingly and if you already have it, I don't see why you can't use it as a gym bag. Personally I don't know who would use a real one as a gym bag (unless you are really rich). All you would have to do is ignore what people say or might say regarding it.
  5. ^ i agree with laria
  6. Clake, does it have a Balenciaga tag inside? Is it inspired or counterfeit?
  7. I got cheated on eBay and bought a fake. I will be totally honest if someone asks but I don't see why you cant use it

    The worse thing to do is to try to sell it off and cheat others as well. I abhor such cheaters!!
  8. use it if u like it
  9. Since you already have it you might as well use it for something or goodwill it and take the tax deduction of like $5.

    I work with a bunch of women that all carry cheap knock-off handbags and think the bags are close enough to the real thing, that no one can tell the difference. I actually thought one of them was real from really far away ;o)

    Like you said, at least you won't worry about it and can let it get a beating to and from the gym. Beat the fake!
  10. Actually it isn't icky at all GirlyCharlie -- it is a pretty decent bag for paying less than $100 bucks for it. And I guess knock-off is not exactly what it is since it doesn't mention Balenciaga anywhere -- so I would say that its "inspired" to a degree.

    But I think that I am going to use it as a gym bag since I don't really care about it and the two Puma bags I have used previously have not stood the test of time and I just gave my Jack Spade to my BF.

    So I guess the consensus is that I have a BBag inspired gym least I can look at it as recycling :smile:.
  11. IMO, inspired can be okay depending on how it looks and your personal feelings about it, counterfeit is dead wrong and illegal...

    Use it in good health! :yes:
  12. lol Gucci gymbag
  13. I say get rid of your fake and get an authentic weekender! You will love it forever and use it forever!!
  14. I don't think its a fake since it doesn't say Balenciaga anywhere on it, but then that does bring up an interesting question.....what do people consider a fake? Does a bag have to merely look like its designer original to be a "fake" or does it have to blatently rip off the designer?
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